Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - GameCube

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (GameCube)
Also for: PC, PS2, GBA
Viewed: 2D Combination Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Publishers: THQ (GB/US)
Released: 13 Dec 2002 (GB)
6 Dec 2002 (US)


Jimmy Neutron is a 10-year-old boy genius who stars in Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures upcoming CGI animated motion picture, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

After occasionally saving the world from total destruction, Jimmy likes to hang out with his robot dog, Goddard, and his best friend, Carl Wheezer. Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius was created by DNA Productions and screenwriter/director Steve Oedekerk whose credits include both Ace Venture movies, The Nutty Professor and Patch Adams. Starring the voices of Martin Short and Patrick Stewart.

  • Jimmy Neutron is Nickelodeonís first property to be developed as a multi-media franchise including TV, online, video game, and a feature film slated for Holiday 2001.
  • Massive presence of Nickelodeon all over the world: Jimmy Neutron seen as the biggest title in 2001/2001 for Nickelodeon.
  • Two playable characters: Jimmy Neutron and Goddard.
  • Seven locations with several levels each: to move to another location, the player must complete all levels of the location.
  • Depending on the locations, the games are different varying from platform games to more "racing games".
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Nickelodeon: huge presence all over the world.
  • Jimmy Neutron is Nickelodeonís 1st property to be launched as a multimedia (on-air, online, magazine, magazine, movie & TV series) franchise.