Intergalactic Bounty Hunter - PC

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Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Pan Interactive (SE/US/JP)
Released: 29 Sept 2001 (US)
2002 (SE)
2001 (JP)
Ratings: 11+
Accessories: Control Pad


You play the top agent of the Intergalactic Order of the Bounty Hunter (IOBH), an elite paramilitary force that operates above the laws of the Quad Galaxy Intergalactic Alliance. As the key agent of IOBH, you are empowered by warrants issued by the Federation who authorise you to use whatever means necessary to bring fugitive Galactic criminals to justice.

You are envied and hated by the other criminal's Justice organisations you work with, especially the Wardens and Officers of the Galactic Penal System (GPS). On a routine fugitive retrieval mission your spaceship is secretly boarded. Out of nowhere you are attacked and left unconscious, and suddenly your dangerous cargo of prisoners is set free. You awake, startled and confused. You find yourself in the custody of the ominous GPS.

Accused of violating Intergalactic RICO laws and your own IOBH code of conduct, your ship records show you setting your fugitives free receiving a multi-million-credit transfer and navigational co-ordinates set for Colodi-Minor, a forbidden pleasure planet in the Theta Prime Parsec region. Your apparent crime threatens your own continued existence and the entire balance of Intergalactic Law Enforcement.

The GPS have you and they have your ship. Their intent is to use both to uncover the deepest secrets of the IOBH: Faster than Light space travel, and the location of the IOBH headquarters. You know you have been double crossed/set-up by an unknown assailant. You must clear your name. By re-capturing the escaped fugitives and reconstructing the events on your ship from their memory fragments you can discover who set you up. Above all, you must protect the secrets of the IOBH's power by uncovering the identities of those who apparently seek to destroy the foundation of Law enforcement in the Quad Galactic Alliance.

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Pan Unveil New Game at E3 2001 Press Release

28 May 2001