Everquest Deluxe Edition - PC

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Everquest Deluxe Edition (PC)
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Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Ubisoft Soft. Co.: Ubisoft
Publishers: Ubisoft (GB)
Released: Apr 2001 (GB)


Everquest Deluxe Edition - PC Screen

Everquest Deluxe Edition - PC Screen


The benchmark, massively multiplayer on-line Role Playing Game EverQuest continues its success in Europe with the release of the EverQuest Deluxe Edition

EverQuest is a true gaming phenomenon. With over 500.000 units sold worldwide, and a dedicated installed player base of up to 150,000 plus daily, EverQuest has set, and then broken all records in its genre.

With the release of the EverQuest Deluxe Edition it will now be possible to get in a single pack a collection of the whole line of titles released since EverQuest was launched in Europe, including some special items for both newcomers and dedicated EverQuest fans.

The EverQuest Deluxe Edition includes

  • Everquest Goodies! - There are also a number of special items for beginners and EverQuest fans !!! a Special Figurine of the Iksar (Lizardman), Strategy Guide, EverQuest poster and a Paper Map of the whole EverQuest World.

  • The original EverQuest game in an improved version (new graphics with three times the amount of polygons and larger textures).

  • The Ruins of Kunark expansion pack: The continent of Kunark provides over 30% more virtual gaming space to the original EverQuest world. A new playable race: the Iksar (Lizardman) and the ability for players to exceed the level 50 character limit.

  • The Scars of Velious expansion pack: The new frozen continent added more than 16 new advanced adventure zones including: ice caves, crystal caverns, crypts, dungeons and frozen towers. A new cast of visually stunning non-player characters including Frost Giants, Ice Dragons, Snow Orcs, Cave Bears, Snowfang Gnolls, Storm Giants and vicious Ottermen