Money Mad - PC

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Money Mad (PC)
Viewed: 2.5D Combination Genre:
Board Game
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Released: 1 Dec 2000 (GB)


Believe it or not, hundreds of years ago, the likes of TVs, Entertainment Systems and Walkmans weren’t available; at least on the planet Earth. So how did civilisation keep itself from dying of boredom, I hear you ask? Well, cleverly taken from the word, bored, came the invention of board games. The board game has always been popular one throughout its history, and with arrival of the technological age, the conversion of these games to the PC and console has come along quickly. Money Mad, taking a new slant the original classic, Monopoly, is the next board game in line to be taken on by Cryo as a video game.

The basic aim with Money Mad is to earn as much moolah as possible, and become the Bill Gates of the commercial and industrial industries. In this particular game, the world acts as your board game, and you must travel the globe, purchasing resources along the way. You will need to have, or learn, reasonable management skills, and make corporate board game decisions if you are to successfully compete against the AI of the computer. Money Mad is an awfully challenging title, and should be taken into purchasing consideration for the financially competitive population.