Parasite Eve 2 - PlayStation

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Parasite Eve 2 (PlayStation)
Viewed: 2.5D Combination Genre:
Adventure: Graphic
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Square Soft. Co.: Square
Publishers: Square (GB)
Released: 2000 (GB)
Ratings: 15+
Accessories: Analogue JoyPad, Memory Card


Parasite Eve 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Squaresoft’s schlock horror, Parasite Eve. The original title was never released in Europe, and it’s only since the opening of Square’s European offices that previously unscheduled releases have been given serious thought.

Square have successfully managed to combine the chill-factor of Capcom’s Resident Evil series with their own blend of role-playing elements. Any game capable of provoking a physical reaction from the player, as Parasite Eve 2 does, is worth its weight in gold. Parasite Eve is as gory as it is scary, so if you don’t have a strong head for all things red, then stop reading, and don't even consider playing this game. While this isn’t a game about magic, there have been some strange happenings. Monsters upon monsters have spread across the good ol' US of A, and it seems impossible that anything can be done to stop them. That’s when you are called upon. Since your character, Aya Brea, has good knowledge of the situation gained from her experience in the original game, it's only natural (to the FBI, at least) that you should return to resolve the situation once again.

Parasite Eve 2’s role-playing elements, in the form of hit points and magic points, will be immediately familiar to fans of the genre. But the control system is so simple and intuitive, not to mention identical that used in Resident Evil, that newcomers will not be out of their depth. All in all Parasite Eve 2 combines to very popular genres into one scary horror story. Be afraid. Be very afraid.