Third Parasite Eve Playable at Tokyo Games Show

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Third Parasite Eve Playable at Tokyo Games Show
Ever eager with posting on the Twitter for upcoming title The 3rd Birthday, game producer Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the 3rd instalment in the Parasite Eve franchise will be playable at this year's Tokyo Games Show.

In addition to a playable demo of the game there will also be a promotional video for the title that Nomura and his team are currently editing together.

Parasite Eve fans have waited a long time for the next in the franchise and will finally get to see it in motion when TGS gets underway early next month. Are you excited to see what The 3rd Birthday has to offer? Let us know in the comments below.


Daz 27 Aug 2010 18:44
this is sweet, loved the 2nd (though never got round to completing it), twas a shame we never got the first
DoctorDee 31 Aug 2010 05:54
I'm a fan of the series, and cannot wait to see this. I never finished 2. Ammo scarcity and poor save decisions got me in a dead end. I always intended to go back and complete it, but once I moved to a PS3 slim, I lost backward compatibility.

Totally looking forward to PE3.
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