Mario Kart 64 - N64

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Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Also for: Wii
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Racing: Karting
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Nintendo Soft. Co.: Nintendo
Publishers: Nintendo (GB/US/JP)
Released: 30 May 1997 (GB)
Unknown (US/JP)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Controller Pak


Mario Kart 64 is another classic SNES title to get the 64-bit treatment. A highly anticipated title among Nintendo 64 owners, MK64 had to impress to live up to its predecessor.

Making use of the N64’s high-resolution capabilities, MK64 never looked better, with sharp visuals, and impressive textures. One unique feature on MK64 is use of non-3D players, instead using high-resolution 2-dimensional animations, freeing up more space to improve on the 3D environment surrounding them.

Nintendo have retained much of the music that made the original title so popular. MK64 consists of around 25 tracks, some of which are simple, some of which are complex with some nasty surprises that will increase your lap time and lose you the race. The computer AI is tough, forcing you to be on your toes 100% of the time. Your opposition will always be on your back, sometimes pairing up just to get you off the track! The use of weapons throughout the game makes the race more interesting. All of the weapons from the original have been retained, many of them receiving upgrades into multiple attacks. One weapon in particular, is a blue spiked shell, which when fired, will seek out the leader of the race and take them out. Nasty.

Multiplayer mode makes MK64 the game it should be. Racing around multi-story arenas, trying to take out the person sat next to you has never been more fun. With up four players simultaneously, it’s this aspect of the game that makes it all worthwhile.

Overall, Mario Kart 64 is a reasonable update to a game released almost five years ago. Get a friend and a second control pad, and you’ll be hooked for hours. Enjoy.