Crusaders Of Might And Magic - PlayStation

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D Genre:
Combat Game
Arcade origin:No
Developer: 3DO Studios Soft. Co.: 3DO Studios
Publishers: 3DO Studios (GB)
Released: 31 Mar 2000 (GB)
Accessories: Memory Card
Features: Vibration Compatible


As the title suggests, there is an element of Role Playing in Crusaders: Of Might and Magic. As the PlayStation begins to fade into the background in preparation for its 128-bit successor, there are fewer and fewer titles of A-list quality being released for the ageing platform. The question is, is Crusaders just a title set to make its last dollar on the PlayStation? Read on.

As an RPG/Adventure title, you get to take on the role of the crusader, in your quest to defeat all evil. Can this be possible? We think so. With the help of potions, shields, weapons and the likes, you are offered a sense of fictional game play, which is what RPG’s are all about.

For a title played solely in the third person, there is a distinct Tomb Raider-esque feel to this title. While the graphics are nothing to shout about, the game is balanced with an excellent learning curve, improving the accessibility of such a title. Crusaders’ mature nature makes it appeal to what is large percentage of senior PlayStation owners. Have a blast.