Totally Angelica - Game Boy Color

Also known as: Rugrats: Totally Angelica

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Also for: PlayStation
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Tiertex Soft. Co.: THQ
Publishers: THQ (GB/US)
Released: 8 Sept 2000 (GB)
2000 (US)
Ratings: 3+


Rugrats fans rejoice, Totally Angelica is on the GameBoy Color. THQ have published another game based on the extremely popular American cartoon series. This game puts you in centre of attention as you get to take Angelica on a fun filled adventure through the mall. This game is aimed at the younger, female section of the gaming audience.

In Totally Angelica, you assume the role of Angelica and you must help her to rescue her doll from Tommy and Chuckie. In order to do so you must win first prise in the fashion show. But in order to do this you must go shopping. Shopping involves six-mini games that are fun and easy to play. One game involves you moving around the screen trying to catch cookies in a jar. Another game involves Lil and Bil catching bugs. If you win these games you can win accessories, outfits and make-up.

You can then make Angelica look however you like and then enter her into the fashion show. If Angelica looks beautiful, you win.


Totally Angelica - Game Boy Color Artwork