Alien Breed - Tower Assault - CD32

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Alien Breed - Tower Assault (CD32)
Also for: Amiga
Viewed: 2D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Classic Arcade: Gauntlet
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Team17
Publishers: Team17 (GB/US)
Released: Feb 1995 (GB)
Unknown (US)


Alien Breed - Tower Assault - CD32 Screen

Alien Breed - Tower Assault - CD32 Screen

Alien Breed - Tower Assault - CD32 Screen


Big value double CD that saw the CD32 debut of Alien Breed 2 coupled with the all new extravaganza: Tower Assault. Thrown in was an impressive super-low budget space opera that Amiga Format said was, "acted by the cast of Emmerdale" featuring none other than SPOnG originator Marcus Dyson as the Marine Commander.

The final of the 2D Alien Breed games was by far the most ambitious of the series so far. It initally was conceived as a remixed version of Alien Breed 2, but as work progressed, the concept grew into a whole new game.

A huge 55 levels were combined into 'branched' gameplay that made the game less linear than most previous games of the genre. This lead to there being some theoretical 250 ways to complete the game.

The graphics were a combination of Alien Breed 2 graphics and new graphics. Other additions to Tower Assault, were the 'retreat mode' which enabled users to fire while backing away from the alien hordes, and the addition of torches in the dark levels, which immeasurably improved the navigability of the leves, which were more complex than in previous games of the series.

With an extremely compelling two player version, Alien Breed - Tower Assault was for many the finest game in the series.