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Games: Dragon Age: Inquisition
SPOnG: Considering the long story arc of the previous titles, I hear it's possible to import game save states onto Dragon Age: Inquisition. How is this done?

NT: There is going to be a standalone application known as The Keep. This application allows you to set up your save game state by setting up the choices you made in the previous games.

You don't have to do this of course, you can play Dragon Age: Inquisition without going into The Keep at all you can just start off using default settings. Or you can set up a completely new game state, you can go in as if you were replaying Origins and DA2. Purely within the confines of The Keep you can make different choices that have implications when they are imported into Dragon Age: Inquisition. So the world status is different based on the choices you make in The Keep.

SPOnG: Speaking of keeps, is it not true that the player has a stronghold in Dragon Age: Inquisition that they use as a base and need to expand and grow in order to succeed?

NT: You play the role of an Inquisitor who is there to save Thedas from this huge rent in the sky that demons are falling from. In order to do this you try and influence areas that you go through so you build Inquisition camps as you progress through the world and that builds your influence and allows the Inquisition itself to take on more power. So you generate influence and power and by doing so open up areas for you to go and search.

SPOnG: By playing an Inquisitor, which has its own connotations with respect to history and Monty Python references, that I have somehow managed to avoid until now; you can make decisions that have a significant effect on the overall storyline?

NT: Oh absolutely. Your decisions and/or actions will affect how people in the area will respond to you and respond to the Inquisition itself, that will impact on how that game session transpires. The character choices that we have from the previous games carry through as well. You can play through the game and depending on your choices you can miss certain characters that you'll never encounter at all.

SPOnG: So assuming a branching storyline, does Dragon Age: Inquisition have multiple endings?

NT: I cannot give anything away about the ending or the narrative. All I can say is depending on your choices in the game, it plays out in a certain way.

SPOnG: Tell us about the destructive scenery in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

NT: Oh yes! It's not entirely destructible, but there are destructible elements in there. It's a big big world and we've tried to make it as vibrant and alive as possible.

SPOnG: Thank you very much for your time!
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Games: Dragon Age: Inquisition

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