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A new year means a fresh start for many. In the games industry, a fresh start is exactly what the doctor ordered - specialist retail now seems to be settling down, PC companies are taking a shot at console manufacturing, and the traditional console companies are getting ready to reveal some shiny new products of their own.

With such an exciting year ahead of us, what better than to turn to games industry experts and ask them for their thoughts on various trends and stories as and when they happen?

As part of an ongoing series, SPOnG gets the unedited, open and highly informed opinions of developers, producers and more in the vast world of computer games.

Industry Figure: Paul Rustchynsky
Job Title: Game Director
Company: Evolution Studios
Best Known For: Motorstorm RC

Considering the critical acclaim of titles such as The Walking Dead and Journey in 2012, is digital now the real viable means of getting games in gamers' homes?

Absolutely, and while The Walking Dead and Journey are shining examples from 2012, the quality and success of digital games has been improving rapidly for years now so I think it's always been viewed as a viable means of getting games to gamers.

And not just at their homes, either! For example, when we released MotorStorm RC last year, we were able to release it on both PS3 AND PS Vita at the same time and for one, super low 'dual-purchase' price because it was a digital game.

What are the biggest and most exciting challenges you're looking forward to in the next year?

We're working on something new - something very big and very challenging and VERY exciting - and while I'm not allowed to talk about it just yet, that's definitely what I'm looking forward to this year. You can expect to hear a lot more about it in 2013!

What are the benefits to you and to gamers of the new console generation after Xbox 360 and PS3?

As with every generational leap, the main benefit we can all look forward to as gamers is better, richer and more immersive games. What really excites me, as a developer, is the opportunity to innovate: to push a new technology to new limits and to make experiences that have never been possible before!

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