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However, it's the audio that really makes Battlefield 3 stand out. As you duck behind a wall after being spotted you can almost count the bullets as they fly over your head. You can hear shells chip away at the wall, and RPGs fizz past. It really is a pleasure to hear and it will make those who have invested in a decent sound system appreciate every penny that they've spent.

Going Solo
These audio and visual treats are all present in the single-player and multiplayer campaigns. In fact, presentation may be the same across the board, but the single-player game lacks what makes Battlefield's multiplayer so much fun - freedom.

When attacking an enemy base in the multiplayer game, you're constantly considering your options. You question how to get to your location. You worry about where the enemy are camped up. You consider taking long routes in order to flank your foe.

These options just aren't available when playing alone. Instead you're forced down narrow corridors picking off soldiers one after one. Battlefield games should feel open, full of options and choices to be made, but it's all too evident how each level in BF 3 has been designed.

For example, in every gunfight there is a clear area to take cover in. Trying anything else will result in what feels like a completely unfair death.

Everything is overly scripted, too. The game is full of trigger points, character-following and even QTEs. In fact, it feels like it is trying to take as much from the CoD single player as it possibly can, but restricting it even further. It even forces you to drop guns you're happy using mid-level and replace them with ones you have no interest in trying out.

There are some fun set-pieces, but if the price for that is a linear, controlled gaming experience I'd rather not have them. Battlefield's solo campaign had so much promise. It was being promoted as an important part of this year's offering but you'll notice that on the 360 version of the game the full single-player game has been relegated to Disc 2.

It's a short, frustrating and ultimately dull gaming experience, and while playing you'll wonder how DICE managed to make polar opposite games and put them in the same package.

Battlefield 3 is one of the best multiplayer games on the market. Whether it's better than CoD's online game mode is a matter of taste, but my opinion is that it is. I'll be playing this for months to come, developing and levelling up my soldier in all classes and learning how to take off in a helicopter.

With everything looking and sounding amazing, the only let down is the single-player game. I was hoping for so much more and, while not being a complete write-off, it only leaves you wondering why DICE decided to remove all the fun from the multiplayer game in favour of a hand holding, frustrating bore-fest.

Still, it's the multiplayer that Battlefield is known for, and this will attract fans and newcomers alike. If you plan on getting into any online shooter this year, this is the one that's looking like your best bet.

SPOnG Score: 87%
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Games: Battlefield 3

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Trigger 31 Oct 2011 13:14
Rated too low!

Had the game only been a multiplayer game (lets be honest, it is!) what rating would you have given it out of interest?
Jimmer 31 Oct 2011 14:36
I really want this on PC but can't afford 3000 for a new uber-rig. Guess I will play the ploppy console version...
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Missingpixel 31 Oct 2011 14:45
@Jimmer its a complete myth that gaming rigs need to cost 3000 to play this on full graphics, I built one for my friend from scratch and it only cost 450 with a 22" monitor. It plays it on full everything at 1920x1080 at a nice and steady 60fps. =]
captainpugwash 1 Nov 2011 19:38
2 major problems with the game:
1. No instructions with game, aaaarrrrggghhh (first time to ever play bfbc)
2. Only 1 person can play online, any additional players need to pay for a pass
Apart from that the game seems very good.
EA should stop been cheapskates
Brandan 2 Nov 2011 12:35
Is this a joke?!?! Has this been copied from a ten year old child?s blog or is this a genuine review? There is not even any mention of the newly introduced six mission co-op campaign, which incidentaly has unique unlocks that can then be used in multiplayer. Is it good? Was that even on your copy?!? In fact two pages of the review are spent explaining how to play a team based shooter and tell me nothing about the changes from BF2 to BF3.

What?s Battle log like? How many players are in a game at once? How many maps are there, where are they set and what are they like? How?s the new destruction? What?s the single player campaign about and where is it set? How have the classes, scoring and all the unlocks changed? How?s the new console server browser? What are all the new vehicles like? What are all the new weapons like? Is it well balanced? Is it worth buying if I have Bad Company 2? How are the servers working? Apparently everyone knows what a QTE is? What?s extra with the limited edition? etc etc Fail
. 2 Nov 2011 14:35
The lighting is as realistic as I've ever seen in gaming.

elmo 3 Nov 2011 13:47
Brandan is that a joke, you really want me to list what extras you get with the limited edition of the game?

My job is not to list every little change, every unlock, every class. My job is not to go on and on and on. I have to be brief and to the point. I have to tell you whether a game is worth buying, not try and jump into your mind and try and answer every FAQ you might have in your head.

Sounds like you like Battlefield though, so to answer one question you've asked. You should aboslutely buy this game.
Trigger 3 Nov 2011 16:28
See, you've shot someone down again Elmo. He has some valid points you know.

I like you, but you're coming across really bad with this.
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