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Games: Battlefield 3
It would seem that DICE and EA love war so much that they decided to try and lure Activision into one. With an advertising campaign using the slogan ?Above and beyond the call? there are no prizes for guessing which franchise is in DICE and EA's crosshairs.

It's looking like a closer fought conflict than you might think. Battlefield is starting to become a series that is as hyped as its enemy. And with more and more players getting tired of the Call of Duty series, this year has the potential to be a major one for both DICE and EA.

However, in order to pick up these ship jumpers, you have to create a game worthy of boarding.

Not Alone
One of many things that the Battlefield series has in common with the CoD series is the emphasis on multiplayer gaming. Although both sides have tried to provide competent single-player experiences, this is always overshadowed by the real money-making multiplayer arenas.

Battlefield 3 certainly doesn't try to swing that focus. With only six hours' worth of single-player gaming, the only way you'll get your money's worth will be by taking it online.

If you've played a Battlefield game before, you'll know what to expect. You run towards a waypoint across beautiful landscapes, stopping every few moments to scan for the enemy and plot your next move. Jeeps speed towards a marker in order to get to the action. All the while player-controlled planes scream through the sky in order to take a new approach to attack tanks park up in tactical locations.

As huge as the maps are, you'll never be too far from a friend. Battlefield games have a fantastic way of keeping players together. Going out alone is always fatal, and the squad-spawning mechanic means that for the majority of the game you'll be side by side with a team-mate.

The emphasis on teamwork is as evident here as it always has been in the series. Those who work together will win the battle, so it's important to try to build a team of friends who are vocal and proactive in their planning.

It's a fantastic feeling when a team pulls together, working to each member's strengths; holding ground or attacking it. However, unless you have a huge arsenal of players, you'll end up with frustrating gamers who are only in it for themselves. Already I've encountered a team-mate who ran me over to ensure that he got to a freshly spawned jet first.

When it works though, there is nothing like it. Battlefield 3 requires you to be as tactical as you are skilful. It benefits knowledge of your surroundings and the correct choice of weapons before entering an environment. It's a little slower paced than the Call of Duty series and, in my opinion, it's far better for it.

Vehicles only add to the battles and require a completely separate skill of their own. It takes a while to get to grips with controlling the helicopters and jets, especially as they are usually occupied quickly after they spawn. The pay-off is worth it and at times dogfights can make you feel as though you're playing a separate game all together.
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Games: Battlefield 3

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Trigger 31 Oct 2011 13:14
Rated too low!

Had the game only been a multiplayer game (lets be honest, it is!) what rating would you have given it out of interest?
Jimmer 31 Oct 2011 14:36
I really want this on PC but can't afford 3000 for a new uber-rig. Guess I will play the ploppy console version...
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Missingpixel 31 Oct 2011 14:45
@Jimmer its a complete myth that gaming rigs need to cost 3000 to play this on full graphics, I built one for my friend from scratch and it only cost 450 with a 22" monitor. It plays it on full everything at 1920x1080 at a nice and steady 60fps. =]
captainpugwash 1 Nov 2011 19:38
2 major problems with the game:
1. No instructions with game, aaaarrrrggghhh (first time to ever play bfbc)
2. Only 1 person can play online, any additional players need to pay for a pass
Apart from that the game seems very good.
EA should stop been cheapskates
Brandan 2 Nov 2011 12:35
Is this a joke?!?! Has this been copied from a ten year old child?s blog or is this a genuine review? There is not even any mention of the newly introduced six mission co-op campaign, which incidentaly has unique unlocks that can then be used in multiplayer. Is it good? Was that even on your copy?!? In fact two pages of the review are spent explaining how to play a team based shooter and tell me nothing about the changes from BF2 to BF3.

What?s Battle log like? How many players are in a game at once? How many maps are there, where are they set and what are they like? How?s the new destruction? What?s the single player campaign about and where is it set? How have the classes, scoring and all the unlocks changed? How?s the new console server browser? What are all the new vehicles like? What are all the new weapons like? Is it well balanced? Is it worth buying if I have Bad Company 2? How are the servers working? Apparently everyone knows what a QTE is? What?s extra with the limited edition? etc etc Fail
. 2 Nov 2011 14:35
The lighting is as realistic as I've ever seen in gaming.

elmo 3 Nov 2011 13:47
Brandan is that a joke, you really want me to list what extras you get with the limited edition of the game?

My job is not to list every little change, every unlock, every class. My job is not to go on and on and on. I have to be brief and to the point. I have to tell you whether a game is worth buying, not try and jump into your mind and try and answer every FAQ you might have in your head.

Sounds like you like Battlefield though, so to answer one question you've asked. You should aboslutely buy this game.
Trigger 3 Nov 2011 16:28
See, you've shot someone down again Elmo. He has some valid points you know.

I like you, but you're coming across really bad with this.
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