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Feeling lonely this Valentines? Day? Don?t worry, SPOnG has you covered. Why spend all kinds of money looking after a girl anyway when you can entertain yourself (steady on)?

On the other hand, there are some games that really help hammer home the deep meaning of being a couple - and some are just love letters in general. If you see yourself as a lonely hearts Scrooge, here?s a short selection of games that will get you through the evening. Or the week. Or the year. Or your life, if you?re really feeling bad.

Love Plus - Nintendo DS
If you want to get freakishly and emotionally attached to a virtual high schooler, then Konami?s Love Plus is exactly what you want on this fine Valentines? Day. Played entirely from the perspective of ?you,? a high school student who?s just transferred to Towano High School, your gameplay consists of meeting girls and maintaining a relationship with them.

Of course, all of the girls are exceedingly kawaii, and range from the boisterous hard-to-get type to the mumbling whimpering sheep-kind of gal. A huge selection of date locations are available to play through, and the game has become such a massive hit with otakus in Japan purely because of this fact. Why not go to a real burger shop with your DS in hand and virtually see your game girlfriend order a meal? Why not, indeed.

So powerful is the lure of Love Plus, that a scandal broke out when a Japanese college student actually married one of these anime characters in the game. WTF, and all that.

Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes - Various
This is for the bachelors. The lady killers, and the guys who think they?re proper hot stuff. This isn?t Duke?s best title by any stretch of the imagination, but it?s probably the best example of the bubblegum-chewing hero?s infatuation with the opposite sex. And what better way to check out chicks then to go through time to a bizarro future where pig cops and aliens have annihilated the world?s male populace?

It?s okay though, because in this poor man?s Tomb Raider style action game, Duke has the help of the Unified Babe Resistance - yes they call themselves that - who also come packing serious heat. The one-liner?s aren?t the best, but this is a fine night to play as a man who is constantly surrounded by hot virtual women who can hold their own in a gunfight. Let?s chew gum and tap ass!
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