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SPOnG: Speaking of the timeline, you say it spans quite a large window of time. You've gone into quite a lot of detail about the Vietnamese campaign. Will there be other points in time to play through too? When is the Slaughterhouse level set?

Mark Lamia: n 1968, which is an important period in our story and there is a large portion of the game that threads through that. One of the things we worked on very hard was to actually immerse the player to our storyline, and to their character. And what I can say is that it's not about one location, one conflict, one year. It's about a larger period of time, but I don't want to tell it all to you because it'd spoil it.

We've actually already given you a lot of information to piece together, about how we might tell a larger period of time's story. We just want players and fans to take it in even our teaser trailer shows quite a bit of gameplay. Our teaser trailer, if you dissect it, shows quite a few images they may flash quickly, but if you slow it down, they're there. What I can tell you is that it's not just about 1968, and that was important because what we wanted to do was show how the player changes a little bit over time, especially those who have been working in these Black Operations.

SPOnG: Could you explain the WMD level in a bit more detail?

Mark Lamia: There are critical plot points and I've intentionally left it somewhat vague, but you are behind enemy lines, on the hunt for a Soviet general. This general is behind some very bad things. Right on the surface it's a Cold War, but underneath it's hot, and there are battles taking place all over the world some of them whether it's Vietnam or other wars that are occurring, it's all in the name of democracy right?

But they all had to be these deniable operations because if they really went public that's World War III, which at that point in time equalled mutually assured destruction. The world is on edge, and everyone thinks that the Soviet Union and the United States have pushed too far, as evidenced by the Cuban missile crisis. This could really be the end of civilisation. Meanwhile the two countries are obviously going to push what's going on but it's all under the veil.

In our mission you are going behind enemy lines. You are actually deep inside the Soviet Union, and it's clear that would have been a Black Operation had that occurred. You don't know whether that actually did occur or not because that's classified, and I'm sure somebody would have spoken to you by now if you knew anything!

You've been made aware that something sinister is definitely being developed, and so in that level you're a different character in Vietnam you're actually Mason, and in WMD you're Hudson. You're both in the CIA, part of the Black Operations unit. In the Vietnam level you're fighting alongside a military branch made up of Green Berets, Air Force Elites and Navy Elite Forces. And that's a joint force the CIA didn't have an army. They would co-op the best of the best and worked out something with the military branches.

SPOnG: One of the rumours surrounding this game was linking it with the Iranian Embassy Siege of that era. The rumour turned out to be correct with other locations, just not that one. Were you aware that the game itself was announced on the 30th Anniversary of the Iranian Embassy Siege, or was that complete coincidence?

Mark Lamia: I can neither confirm nor deny-- (laughs) No, there was no intention to announce it with regards to that particular date. And while I don't want to tell you the whole story of the game, I can say that's not part of it.

Clearly, some things people have guessed correctly and it does seem funny looking back on the reveal date now, but that I can tell you it played no role. There is definitely no link, I can tell you that as a person who is involved in setting the timeline and everything. It never entered my mind.

SPOnG: Thank you very much for your time.

Mark Lamia: My pleasure, thank you.

Josh Olin: Thanks.
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