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Cameras have various settings ? you can either choose from a list of preset views (a side or chest shot following Niko for example) or a custom camera where you can have some form of control over the angle.

Using the ?target? setting you can even focus your viewpoint on any character that?s present in the area, so you can change from a close up of Niko unloading a shotgun into a cop to a bird?s eye view following said cop flying backwards.

Using multiple markers in the seek bar, you can even have a dynamic swooping camera; you just need to have two different locations and angles set, apply a Movement type and the editor automatically does the work for you.

It takes a while to get used to all the options, but a little playing around does get you some interesting results. From a quick mission I played, I created a movie in where I chuck a grenade on to some stairs, landing right next to me (accidentally, you understand).

Running away to nearby cover with an NPC friend, the sound and flash of the explosion made my ?homie? dramatically collapse to the ground. He was nowhere near the grenade, which made his dive even more comical.

Upon fiddling with the camera angles to get the most humorous shots, along with slowing down the pratfall of my ally, I switched the view to some nearby cops who quite hilariously stopped shooting at us to peek over in confusion at my friend?s display of strangeness.

No doubt that in the few hours I had to play around with this game, this mode is the reason you?ll get the PC version again after playing through the console ones. It?s really too addictive to ignore.

I can?t leave without talking about the other specific improvements to GTA IV PC either. There?s the usual optimisation for the more powerful gaming rig (with display resolutions up to 2560 x 1600) along with a new ?Vehicle Density? option which populates the roads from a value of up to 100.

Online matches have also been improved to 16 players at once and there?s the inclusion of match filtering too, which allows you to search for games with certain options set (such as auto aim on or off).

But the main draw will most certainly be in the video movie-making mode, of which the potential is limitless. It?s a great method of taking advantage of the unique aspects of the PC and lifestyle of the home computer user, and is sure to result in a lot of quirky and interesting machinima movies.

Hopefully others will be able to make better masterpieces than I, though. I?m not sure I could pass for much of a comedy director with ?grenade on the stairs?. I guess you just had to be there.
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Slusho! 19 Nov 2008 17:53
I can't wait = =
gaurav 21 Nov 2008 15:55
the video editor just might make showing friends what gta 4 on the pc is all about, but for the pc gamers the option of playing an already perfect game better is just to good to miss, next time i do hope that rockstar releases gta's much earlier than the 6 months time frame as patience is too much .
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