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SPOnG: We noticed actually that there are huge robots that you face called ‘Swatbots’ – that’s a name fans are used to from the Saturday morning cartoon show back in 1993, right?

Miles Holmes: Yep, that’s right, Swatbots are in the game – it’s just such a cool name, you know. I liked it so I thought ‘Yeah, I’m taking it’! (laughs)

SPOnG: There are a few side quests in the game, but we noticed they were for rings or a rather rare item. How many of these can we expect to see and will there be any substantial rewards from any of these?

Miles Holmes: There are definitely some worthwhile rewards in those things. If you’re actually looking for a number, I know that the game is basically broken into two Acts; there are six side quests per Act. So that makes it 12 side quests, and there are other quests that you can get from your team mates too that will give you better items and advance the plot, so we’re probably looking at about 18 to 20 side plots. It’s hard to tell, we started with a lot more and some had to go at some stage.

SPOnG: Speaking as a fan, what are the elements that you believe are essential to a great Sonic the Hedgehog game? Besides obviously, the elements in Sonic Chronicles.

Miles Holmes: (laughs) Well, visually Sonic’s very striking. I think the first thing you notice about him is just the way that he moves and the visuals for the characters. I love how Knuckles glides and how Tails flies with his rotor tails and the choice in colours and overall design of the characters…

It’s always fun to watch a Sonic game being played. The classic Green Hill Zone with the chequered rocks and loop-de-loops and things like that – it’s a world where you feel very familiar with because it’s been around now since 1991. It’s an iconic look and feel so that instantly is a good thing.

As far as the original gameplay goes, darting around the screen from left to right as fast as you can go and trying not to hit the spikes, that’s just classic gameplay at this point.

SPOnG: Before we wrap up, I just want to know what your favourite Sonic game was and who your favourite character is.

Miles Holmes: Knuckles is my favourite character and Sonic Heroes is my favourite game, simply because it was a great inspiration for us in doing Sonic Chronicles, and is a good example of how Sonic can be in 3D.

SPOnG: Miles Holmes, thank you for your time.

Miles Holmes: Thank you very much.
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