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SPOnG: When you are buying a new game how do you make the decision what to buy?

Mike Anthony: If I was to buy a game, it would be from a recommendation and/or past editions.

SPOnG: Do you play games alone, online with others or multiplayer with your partner, family and/or friends?

Mike Anthony: All of the above? I'm a hardcore gamer.

SPOnG: If you were given carte blanch to design the game of your dreams, what would it be?

Mike Anthony: I'm putting one together now?.can't tell you just yet Watch this space!

SPOnG: What talents could you bring to creating a game? If you had a job with a games development company what would you want your job title to be?

Mike Anthony: Games tester, games quality advisor and also the creative side of development. I would love to be a creative director.

SPOnG: What book and/or movie license(s) would you like to see videogame versions of?

Mike Anthony: I'm a strategy man so any famous battles would be the one?.

SPOnG: It?s increasingly rare to see much/any 'positive' press coverage about gaming. There is much talk of videogames being 'bad' for gamers (younger games especially). Do you have any thoughts and opinions on this issue?

Mike Anthony: It's down to parenting and setting guidelines just as you would do with anything else, e.g. music, movies, etc? You wouldn't let a fourteen year old child swear in your house or in your presence, so how could you let that same child play a game that contains swearing and extreme violence? As a parent you should be able to judge and make the right choices for your child even If they don't agree. That?s what parenting is about.

SPOnG: Thanks for your time, Mike.

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