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My only slight niggle was that it was slightly harder to do the ?shakey-shakey? bits with the Wii Remote when trying to shake off zombies that were rudely invading my personal space; or when trying to slash away killer leeches sucking my face off; or when, at certain key points in boss battles, I was trying to dodge.

Overall though, the improved aiming won out over the slightly harder dodging and leech slashing. The weight was right too. I mean, how can you play a light-gun game with something resembling a television remote control? You can?t. You need to feel that you have that submachine gun in your hands and, with the Zapper, you rather satisfyingly do.

Back to Umbrella Chronicles, the controls really couldn?t be simpler. You press [B] (or the Zapper?s trigger) to shoot stuff and you press [A] (or, if you use the Zapper, [Z]) to pick up ammo, health-giving herbs, new weapons and more. You press the [C] button to scroll through your weapons. You shake the gun to reload, which makes you feel a little bit like the Terminator - that is cool.

If like me, you choose not to read game manuals and just assume that you will pick up the controls quickly, then RE:UC will ?learn you?. You may well end up playing the game with your thumb balanced awkwardly on the [A]-button (above the Zapper) and your index-finger stretching uncomfortably to reach the trigger. Then, an hour later, you read the manual and realise that [Z] does the same thing as [A] for those using Nintendo?s gun toy. Okay, you might not. I did.

Accurately and speedily targeting zombies? and boss monsters' weak points is vital to your success and progress. You will usually find the weak point to be at the top of your enemy?s head. Let?s face it, taking out a bunch of zombies in quick rapid succession with single shots that blow their heads clean off never fails to raise a smile. If all else fails, you can simply toss out a grenade to clear out a bunch of the filthy, rotting scoundrels.

The real highlights of Umbrella Chronicles are the boss battles, with the first couple, the giant scorpion and bat, lulling you into a false sense of security (?Pah! too easy? I initially sniffed). In later levels, however, they are nothing less than ?bastard hard? (not the official term). You have to learn to use your weapons and ammo wisely and dodge VERY well. I promise you that you will return to time and time and time and time and time again until you take the bastard hard bitches down!

Finally, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles co-op, with two Zappers, is close to the most perfect amount of fun two people can have with their clothes on. Or you can choose to play it naked and then have a shag each time you take a boss down, which would be an interesting new sex game (for the record, I suggested this, but the wife unfortunately declined).

SPOnG Score: 90%

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is, in my opinion, the best original third-party game developed for release on Wii this year. It looks lovely, it plays well and ? unlike pretty much every other light-gun based game I?ve played ? it has great longevity and ?just-one-more-go? appeal. Cynics might claim that Capcom could be accused of trying to cash-in on nostalgia value by appealing to the huge Resi Evil fan base worldwide, but even if you?ve never played a previous game in the series, you will still love this.
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RiseFromYourGrave 14 Dec 2007 19:24
it is very good, much more depth and longevity than any of its ilk, whilst keeping it fun and interesting the entire time. a lot of people complained about the sometimes super small weak points, i love them! really gives some challenge and something to aim for (pun intended) beyond just going trigger mental

ive put 14+ hours in and i havent finished it or got all the guns yet. great stuff. id agree with the 90% if im playing with a friend, its more fun then. id give it 80% or a little more on its single player merits
InsaneJonny 15 Dec 2007 21:11
I'm getting this for christmas next week, can't wait. A real pity I only have one zapper, the other person will have to make do with a combo

I'm surprised how much I enjoy the zapper, hearing all the negative talk had me not expecting much, but it really is a sturdy half decent shell. How'd you get two of them?
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RiseFromYourGrave 15 Dec 2007 23:19
InsaneJonny wrote:
How'd you get two of them?

i guess buy Link's Crossbow Training, you can probably get that for 15 quiddages if you look hard enough
DoctorDee 16 Dec 2007 12:02
This makes me unhappy. I love gun games! One of my fondest gaming memories is of Config and I finishing House of the Dead 2 in Cité Europe in Calais, back in 1998. Both of us were dressed in corporate wage-slave gear, our shiny heads and flying ties making us look like we were employees of the International Contract Agency. This memory is perhaps rose tinted. While my baldom his long established, Config may have had flowing locks in the style of Vincent Vega, and I certainly didn't have a barcode tattooed on the back of my head in those days. We were pumping 10Fr coins in from a huge pile we had amassed for the purpose, determined as we were to complete the game.

But since moving first to an RPTV, about seven years ago, and then on to projectors I've had to forgo them. This has caused me considerable emotional distress. Though this distress is mitigated somewhat by being able to play Ratchet and Clank at 120 inch.

So when I heard of the Wii Zapper and RE:UC, I was excited, perhaps inappropriately so. I resolved immediately to get a Wii. But then I heard about Time Crisis 4 and the Guncon 3, and it also turned out that Wiis were considerable rare, and overpriced in the UK this Christmas. So I decided to wait for TC4, which was slated for a pre-Christmas release.

Now RE:UC is here, and it's great, and TC4 is still several months away. I WANT A GUN GAME!!!11!1ONE1!ONE

OptimusP 17 Dec 2007 16:36
I suggest to redo your trip to france then. And get yourself a french Wii with RE:UC at 249,99 euros. it seems on the continent there isn't a supply problem. There was a Super Mario Galaxy shortage here in Belgium though.
DoctorDee 17 Dec 2007 17:09
OptimusP wrote:
I suggest to redo your trip to france then. And get yourself a french Wii with RE:UC at 249,99 euros. it seems on the continent there isn't a supply problem. There was a Super Mario Galaxy shortage here in Belgium though.

Whoa, how do you know I was in France? Oh, you mean in 1998 ;-) I was in France last weekend, to see Vanessa Paradis in Lille. I thought you somehow knew that.

I went to Cité Europe, and tried to buy a Wii, but they were all sold out. Just a short hop from England, so it should have been no surprise, but I didn't think. I bet f I'd tried to buy in Lille I would have got one.

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