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We could quite easily have 100 different tracks,

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Games: SEGA Rally
Think of SEGA, and you think of arcade games. There’s a reason the company is so powerful in the coin-operated market – they make fantastic games that are easily accessible while on a sugar high (or totally drunk) down at the local seafront. This SPOnG writer is all too ashamed to recall the fateful day he got his butt whipped on SEGA Rally by an eight-year-old girl, but the shame somewhat overcasts the fact that there was a pub next door to that arcade in which many hours were spent prior to the dismal gaming performance.

SEGA Rally is another one of those ‘golden classics’ from the SEGA we all loved back in the 1990s and has gone AWOL as of late. It took everything from rally driving – the realism, the track design, the nasty bends and dips – and took out all the complicated stuff to turn it into something that was fun. As we are seeing lately though, SEGA is attempting somewhat of a comeback, reviving old franchises and bringing back blue skies!

The new SEGA Rally, most notably, is being developed in the UK by a new internal studio rather than the Japanese chaps due East. Whether the next game will live up to expectations (or even keep the cheesy “Game Over Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!” jingle) is always a daunting thing to ask someone behind the project of a game series everyone adores. So, that’s why we asked Driving Studio’s Director Guy Wilday those questions, just to grill him a bit. Except the cheesy jingle one. We’d just look weird.

SPOnG: As a relatively new studio formed by SEGA, how daunting is it to be working on one of the publisher’s most prized franchises?

Guy Wilday:: On paper it might sound daunting, but we have been set up with games such as SEGA Rally in mind, so if we couldn’t handle the pressure we wouldn’t deserve to be here. Having said that, it’s actually really exciting to be working on SEGA Rally as it has such an esteemed and successful history.

SPOnG: Are there any plans to release this version of SEGA Rally into arcades or is this purely a home console release?

Guy Wilday:: Purely for home consoles. No need to replace the arcade version – it’s SEGA’s most successful arcade game ever!

SPOnG: Past SEGA Rally games have been exceptional to play, but because they have been ported from arcades are lacking in the selection of tracks. How many courses can we expect to see in this update?

Guy Wilday:: That’s something that we are still fine tuning. We have a lot of ideas, but ultimately we are being driven by high-quality gameplay above all else, remembering what makes SEGA Rally great fun: bumper to bumper rally action.

We could quite easily have 100 different tracks, but if players didn’t feel like they were racing bumper to bumper in frantic races with mud splattering everywhere we wouldn’t have achieved delivering a proper SEGA Rally experience. However, we’re confident that we’ll deliver that and also have a varied selection of tracks for players to race on.
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Games: SEGA Rally

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