UK Xbox 360 Stock Set at 50,000

Retail reports claim allocation now set.

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UK Xbox 360 Stock Set at 50,000
Following recent reports that the US will have 1,000,000 Xbox 360 hardware sets available for day one launch, retailers in the UK have stated that they collectively expect around 50,000 units for Blighty, a well-balanced figure that walks the line between shortage and availability perfectly.

As you will be aware, Microsoft has been the subject of some speculation regarding its 360 launch plans with all manner of to-ing and fro-ing hinting at possible shortages for launch period, all of which we can only assume is aimed at hyping up the console for launch. After all, a good fight in a launch night queue makes for great morning reading. Add this to the fact that everyone wants what they might not be able to have, and you have a well-engineered launch phase unfolding before your very eyes.

In related news, some retailers in the US have placed several Xbox 360 games on sales lists flagged as ?ready to ship?, though no reports of any customers actually receiving ordered software have emerged at time of going to press. Microsoft is expected to offer several first-party games - including Project Gotham Racing 3 and Kameo - on sale around a week before hardware becomes available, again aimed at upping the ?want? level of US consumers.

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LUPOS 9 Nov 2005 14:12
i recently realized that even wal-mart is taking pre-orders on the damn thing... suddenly a sinkign feeling that i might not be wisked into the next generation on november 22nd has settled in... time to scour the net for more scrupulous retailers...

UPDATE: the fine folks at Target never take pre-orders... i know where i'm gonan be at 11:59 on the 21st... stupid desert party!
merciless_james 9 Nov 2005 17:00
One of Gamespot's editors got his copy of Kameo through the post this morning according to their site.
fluffstardx 9 Nov 2005 20:48
And that's why, if I have the cash, I'll be at Dixons. No reserve policy! Huzzah! Even Argos has ring and reserve now...
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