Boy Wizard Game Out on All Platforms Next Year

Broomstick adventure title a surefire winner.

Posted by Staff
Hats off to Metro 3D. Today, the budget publisher announces that next year will see the release of an enchanting game by Data Design Interactive. A breathtakingly original concept, Barry Hatter, to be released on all current-gen platforms, will follow the adventures of a young boy wizard.

The spellbinding budget title ? to go on sale for just 9.99 - sees the student sorcerer and his friends take to the sky on broomsticks, racing for fun, and, as the game?s thrilling storyline progresses, eventually saving the world from evil.

We?re excited about this game, and with its themes of young adventuring magicians, it?s sure to capture the imagination of kids everywhere. We just can?t believe absolutely nobody has had this idea before?


config 21 Oct 2005 18:11
LOL. I'll bet DD and Metro3D are treading *very* carefully to be sure they don't push pilfering too far.
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