Revolution Controller showing confirmed ? Iwata keynote to reveal all

The Secret is nearly out ? Let?s look at what we should expect

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Revolution Controller showing confirmed – Iwata keynote to reveal all
SPOnG can confirm that Satoru Iwata will show the Nintendo Revolution controller in all its glory on 16th of this month ? a mere three days away. This confirmation, coming from a fresh Nintendo source, follows news from last month in which we exclusively revealed Nintendo plans, a full version of which you can read here.

The announcement will take place at around 11.20AM this Friday at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Tokyo. Iwata will fully outline the Revolution controller, as well as show some software, including, from what we have gathered, the game formerly known as Mario 128.

?Mario is the game that will show off the Revolution better than anything else in development right now,? a trusted and highly-placed source told SPOnG today. ?You have to remember that the Revolution will take standard GameCube controller input and this is not solely for GC backward compatibility and retro gaming. The Revolution controller concept is merely an option for developers, something totally new, as was the Nintendo DS.?

SPOnG will be interviewing a Nintendo executive in the aftermath of the announcement, so check back on Friday for full coverage of the Revolution emergence, from the inside, direct from Japan.

Regular SPOnG readers will be aware that SPOnG has a well-established track record when it comes to publishing Iwata?s keynote plans ahead of the event. In the run up to this year?s Game Developers Conference, we ran a concise schedule of what would be announced by the Nintendo president, details of which can be read here.

All of which leaves: What will Nintendo show and how will it cope with the inevitable disappointment that follows? The problem facing NCL right now is that the Revolution controller will not be a time machine. It will not make your dinner. It will not transport you into parallel dimensions inhabited by Amazonian lady love warriors. It will be a game controller with some kind of trick up its sleeve.

Perhaps the most promising rumour on the cards right now is that it will comprise resistant technology which will push the pad around in your hand. Should this be the case, will we see the gaming masses heralding a true videogames revolution, or will they just shrug and get back to pre-ordering the more tangible (and certainly more traditional, less intimidating) next-generation offerings of Sony and Microsoft?

During Iwata?s speech at this year?s E3, the Nintendo president made an impassioned plea to the gamers of the world. He stood down from the stage, looked almost tearful and begged for patience, promising that the wait would be more than worth it. Since then, Shigeru Miyamoto went on record to state that the underlying concept of the Revolution?s controller would be easy to copy. ?Graphic chips are one thing. Those are hard to imitate?, he said. ?But if we showed our controller, we'd be revealing way too much. It's very easy to copy. We really want to present our interface, the controller, with software as a package." You can read the full piece here.

So what do you think will be announced? And how do you think Nintendo will deal with the fallout? Afterall, it?s you who matter ? you?re the people expected to buy into Nintendo?s dream. Let us know in the forum below. The poster guessing closest to Iwata?s announcement wins whatever bunch of promotional crap Nintendo is giving away at TGS.*

*Usual rules apply. If the crap is actually crap, we?ll have a nosey around for something a bit better.


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JHemps 14 Sep 2005 03:33
The controller will be even more comfortable to hold than a gamecube controller.

It will have a gyroscope that spins to provide resistance (when it senses the controller moving) and kick the controller in various directions.

It will also either have a series of plugs on the back that allow you to plug in all of the original controllers, or have removable button plates that the user can switch depending on what system they are playing.

The tilt sensor will be either what is featured in gameboy cartridges or will be totally gyroscope based (unlikely)

It will definitely be wireless, lasting just as long as the wavebird, but with a rechargeable battery.

Eventually, Nintendo will reveal the wireless ocarina for zelda, the wireless arm cannon for metroid prime, and the wireless kart wheel for mario kart. The possibilities are endless with wireless!
DaPistolPat 14 Sep 2005 04:20
It is true that Nintendo enjoys making people wait and then when you think they are gonna show something they make you wait again, but what realy is gonna be shown or said at this years TGS KeyNote will be place below this paragraph and displayed as Shown: and Said:.

Said: First off we will have to say thank you for comeing and we know all you here want to see the the new controler, but first something better.

Shown: Mario appears on the screen in a bright and colorfull world much like the world from Sunshine but different.

Said: I want you to see how realistic the environments look and react too Mario's Movements and then notice how precise the movements and actions of Mario are, all of which is being done in real time.

Shown: slowly Shiggy comes walking from the side of the stage with what else but Cyborg arm constructed to play nintendo games*J/K. Shiggy walks out with a control device that looks so simple, (yet what makes it so special type of reaction coming from the croud).

Said: here is the revolution in gaming for the 20th century. A device which reacts as smoothly as it controles.

Shown: Iwata Takes the controler from shiggy and holds it up for everyone to see. the device is shaped as if it were a cube controler but with a face made of nothing but leds which are under a surface and can change depending on which control style you whish to play. Iwata hands the controller back too Shiggy who then continues to play the game which shows off Mario Running around and then climbing on top of Yoshi and various other creatures such as birds and fish.
Shiggy walks away and Iwata steps back into the center of the stage.

Said: Now that that is over with I will go further to tell you that you can expect alot more from Nintendo in the furture and Welcome to our revolution The Nintendo Revolution.

Shown: a video starts playing and through which a bunch of Games are clips are shown including; Zelda:TP, A MMO Animal Crossing, Mario Kart with online play, the next Super Smash Brothers edition, Metroid Prime 3, and a slew of other games for DS,GBA, and GC.

Said: Nintendo has time and time again redifined it self by making it easier and more friendly for anyone to have fun playing one of our games and systems. as with the predicted success of the GB Micro in japan we see the Revolution gaining more market share this upcoming generation by reaching out to the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer alike with games such as SSB for the revolution and the MMO Animal Crossing. This will be it for this years tgs keynote and expect more come next years E3 on everything Nintendo and Revolution.
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soanso 14 Sep 2005 05:31
We've all been reading about this controller now since the dawn of time. Well it feels like it.
There's been so much speculation and expectation around this that it makes you feel like you are about to witness a big disappointment when they finally unveil it.

I don't expect so much from this controller. I don't even expect it to br new or particularly high tech.

If you look at the DS and describe what it is, break it down to little parts, it's simple, and it's not new. There's nothing revolutionary about the DS just like there was nothing new about the N64 controller.
They didn't re-invent the wheel with either, they just gave it another job. Took something old and gave it a new role.

Whatever the controller is, I hope it is treated better than the Gamecube controller. Does anyone else remember Miyamoto saying that the GC controller would be the standard Nintendo controller from now on, on this generation and beyond?

Well I thought Nintendo really under exploited that controller. They even admitted so in a recent interview, saying that they ended up making more simple games than it was designed for.
When they launched that they talked about the sorts of games designed around the controller and in truth all they really made was reworked N64 games with an uncomfortable Z trigger. With a couple of exceptions of course but it seemed like the only people who did use it properly were Capcom.

I'd also like Nintendo to ditch almost all of their franchises on revolution rather than make another update and instead come up with new stuff, new characters, maybe the same sorts of games but new characters that you can do things that you can't do with the existing ones...( make them speakor even better, kill them!! :D)

oh yeah. but that's another story.
TigerUppercut 14 Sep 2005 08:35
Greg2k 14 Sep 2005 09:02
Well, I know for a fact that the controller will be wireless and that there will be a black version. That's all that matters to me at the moment =P
kid_77 14 Sep 2005 10:17

TigerUppercut 14 Sep 2005 10:39

Take you pick.

If Nintendo shows a teledildonic game console I'll celebrate for months.
kid_77 14 Sep 2005 10:48
TigerUppercut wrote:
Take you pick.

I honestly thought that said "prick" to begin with... ... which would've been better.

ozfunghi 14 Sep 2005 11:54
-He will show the Nintendo Wifi Connection running for DS, since it launches next month. Probably with Mario Kart, but with a little luck with AC:WL or MP:H
-He will then show the final design for the Revolution, a black box 10x the size of the original xbox, running on a jet engine, thus being the most powerful console ever. The revolutionary aspect will be a pair of "Tom Cruise - Top Gun" sunglasses to provide each game with a marvelous "Gerry Bruckheimer" effect of the sun setting in the distance.

Ok guys, you can stop posting, those goodies are mine.
TigerUppercut 14 Sep 2005 12:19
ozfunghi wrote:
The revolutionary aspect will be a pair of "Tom Cruise - Top Gun" sunglasses to provide each game with a marvelous "Gerry Bruckheimer" effect of the sun setting in the distance..

SPOnG editor in proof of having Revolution in office already shocker:

supadupagama 14 Sep 2005 12:45
I think we all know the controller WON'T be shown :(
config 14 Sep 2005 13:30
It seems SPOnG is staffed by skin-headed freaks...

Astal 14 Sep 2005 14:06
Ok, I think Nintendo may... now get this... re-release the original Famicom controller... (tweaked a bit for this day and age, of course)... but that's the "Revolution" so-to-speak, not a "grand army with a big change", but instead coming full circle and "simplifying" things as they have been stating time and time again (and also the perfect way to sell the gaming public more on that "heritage" stuff they are going for now).

Which would be cool and yet uninspiring all at the same time! But I must admit that I wouldn't mind seeing a return to the basics...

Good Ol' N has a habit of re-releasing older technology (and games), and re-selling em', as if they were new.... (they're actually quite good at it, SNES-GBA, is a prime example)... so it fits the profile.

Anyway, guess we'll see this friday!

shediesinred 14 Sep 2005 18:16
I think Nintendo has been secretly breeding an army of flesh eating zombies, and that the show on friday will be a diversion used to unleash this devistating plauge apon the masses. The actual controler will be a vibrating dildo with gyroscope doodads in it, shaped like kirby. People will be dumbfounded and unable to speak, the zombies will have it easy. and we will all die horrible, horrible deaths. I on the other hand, will baracade myself inside of my local wall-mart, and fight it out until the bloody end. Think about it, wall-mart has guns, tons of ammo, every video game console ever as well as games and accesssorys, as well as cloths and enough food and tools to last months. Its the perfect place, but its mine!!! all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
brandon_r87 14 Sep 2005 21:06
i don't think this is the revolution, i buy in to the gyroscope idea now but since everyone put that, i already can't win the nintendo goodies if i put it so i'll put this down.

eventually, video game devs will be implementing some kind of feedback on the buttons. i think they have this for pc joysticks already, where you're playing a racing game and your car hits the wall of the track and the joystick just stops moving toward the outside of the track. you want to move it all the way to the right but the wall stops the joystick when you hit it. or perhaps you have some kind of prince of persia sword lock thing going on where your sword and an enemies have struck each other and you have to outpower the enemy to bring his guard down. as the game gets harder, you have to push the button down harder to overpower the enemy and everytime the button pushes against you harder. see what i mean?

it's kind of like that arm wrestling arcade where you push the mechanical arm all the way to the mat and it pushes back against you. plus it reads how many pounds of pressure you put on it so it knows who has the highest score.
Joe Ryding 14 Sep 2005 21:19
I can't see Nintendo having "force feedback" or whatever it's called in their controllers to the point where it pushes your hand around or whatever. There are so many hurdles to overcome I can't see it being possible as there are so many things to consider such as:
- What if you're really strong? It won't push your hand round.
- It would need some juicy battery to power it and I'm not sure it would last too long if it had this super feedback in it.
Although it would be cool I just don't think it's going to be it. I do however think there will be yet more fine tuning to the rumble features from the gamecube controller.
Faisal 15 Sep 2005 06:05
we have long seen key configuration for long now it should b configur able controler.i means to say u can move keys frm one place of controler to another just like u can drag an icon frm one place of ur desktop to another
Switchblade Honey 15 Sep 2005 16:29
I reckon the console will come with a head tracking sensor so that you can control the game's viewpoint just by moving your head slightly. Perhaps.
VastikRoot 16 Sep 2005 09:53
It's a remote control.
I don't think anyone guessed that.
I'm shocked. And blown away.
Danforth 16 Sep 2005 10:24
VastikRoot wrote:
It's a remote control.
I don't think anyone guessed that.
I'm shocked. And blown away.

Blimey guv'nor. No, i don't think anyone expected a one-hand controller.

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