Microsoft signs Marvel for Xbox 360 MMO

Japanese software desires sated, Microsoft moves West

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Game Studios has announced an agreement with Marvel that will see an Xbox 360 exclusive massively multiplayer online game based around the comic book form?s wealth of mainstream IP.

The deal, announced today at San Diego's Comic-Con, will see MGS have access to the complete spectrum of Marvel characters for a game expected to be released in the second phase of 360 Live-enabled software.

"Marvel has created some of the most iconic and exciting characters and stories in the past century," said Peter Moore, corporate vice president in charges of saying things about Xbox. "We're thrilled to bring this universe to interactive entertainment."

"The alliance with Microsoft catapults us into the games category in an unprecedented way," said Tim Rothwell, worldwide president making deals at Marvel. "We are very excited to be working with Microsoft to bring our fans what we expect will be a world-class online gaming experience. We also believe online gaming will provide valuable, global exposure to our character brands."

This news will also be aimed at NCSoft?s City of Heroes game, a title which saw Marvel unsuccessfully take the Korean outfit to court in the US over IP infringement. Marvel argued players we be able (and more than willing) to modify their characters to resemble Marvel brands and IP.


Joji 15 Jul 2005 13:34
LOL, no chance of the more eastern based City of Heroes getting a look in then? Bad move MS. This is why there is so much apathy for MS in japan, only chance of it changing is to think more of what they want to play.

Nintendo work with japanese publishers for DS Jump Superstars. The popularity of the charcaters already has huge preorders for the game already because manga is huge out there. In contrast a Marvel game might sell but not in such huge amounts when manga is more popular.

Learn to sell them what they want not want you want to sell them. Words MS should live by (the have been but this feels like a step back to appease Marvel and ther official game).
fluffstardx 15 Jul 2005 19:56
How about "a customer already earned should be kept"? The Americans already love it, and there's loads of room for more Jap-baiting. Screw em if they don't want it, let everyone else have fun instead.
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