Xbox 360 mass production to begin in August

Announcements on price and global dates expected soon

Posted by Staff
Production lines are to be set to full steam this August as the Xbox 360 finally hits mass-production levels, it was revealed over the weekend. Exactly when Microsoft would begin full scale manufacturing of its new baby has long been something of a bone of contention, with regular stories warning of shortages blighting early PR work.

The Taiwan Economics News reports that two companies, Foxlink International and Ji-Haw Industrial will begin delivering components to Microsoft assembly lines en-masse next month, with seperate reports claiming that debugging units are already rolling off lines in preparation for upcoming Xbox 360 showings.

No official word from Microsoft right now, though we're working on something rather special in relation to Xbox 360 production that we hope to knock your socks off with in the coming months. So as ever, keep it locked and let us know what you think in the forum below.


Joji 12 Jul 2005 15:30
Wow, things are moving so fast. Seems like yesterday DS and PSP came out (hey, it was kinda).

MS keen to woo us first still can't get past the barrier of japanese Xbox apathy. Will that be a deciding factor in things playing out how the did with Xbox being second? It's highly possible it could happen again but we must not count those chicks too early.

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