Ourcolony Offers a Look at the Xbox 360 Guide

Gamer Rep screen and more uncovered.

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Ourcolony Offers a Look at the Xbox 360 Guide
The Ourcolony viral site for the next generation of Xbox has thrown up another point of interest, showing what appears to be the long-mooted GamerRep Guide screen for the first time outside of internal briefs.

And again, the image offered is obscured by the outline of a letter, in this case the all-important X. Some pundits are asserting that this is almost confirmation of the Xbox 360 moniker, given that various Ourcolony pics show an S, an I and now an X, with the memory card pic being altered to show a 3.

SPOnG would point out that the leaked finalised hardware design images confirmed this long ago. But still, the more we get, the better.

The image does illustrate the beefed up communications aspects of Live, with messages and a friends list peeking through the gaps. Expect a full outline of what will happen with Live and enjoy a somewhat dull excerpt of the E3 video conference right here in the meantime.


fluffstardx 4 May 2005 17:27
All I want is to be able to join different clans for different games... it's all I ask.
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