64MB memory card revealed for Xbox 360

More hardware shots, this time official.

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64MB memory card revealed for Xbox 360
Following the catastrophic leaking of Xbox 360 hardware shots over the weekend, Microsoft?s viral site for its new console is fighting back, offering a shot of the memory card port and associated card.

Many are now asking, 'what?s the point in Ourcolony.net after the weekend?s leaks?' It was in place to show glimpses of the Xbox 360 hardware which, by now, everyone has seen. By chance, the latest offering shows the memory card, something not pictured in Saturday?s hardware shots. Although the whole point has been completely lost.

SPOnG would bet its debugs that the thinking behind releasing this shot was to confuse those predicting that hard drive functionality for the console is removable. The snap released by MS overnight shows 64 and the beginning of an M, standing - of course - for Mega Byte.

However, one of the leaked snaps clearly shows the console with a 40GB removable drive, so all the ourcolony.net update does is confirm the design of the memory cards and illustrate that they will come with 64 MB of storage.



kid_77 25 Apr 2005 11:11
... or 64 Mega-Bit?

Though the former is more likely, I guess.
DaPistolPat 25 Apr 2005 14:20
Memory cards have never been very good and should be real memory card format like compact flash or even have different cards for what ever type of memory unit, but of course it could still be a possibility.
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