Xbox 360 Hype Reaches Fever Pitch: See the Commercial Here

MTV ad pulls a Sony.

Posted by Staff
So we have Electronic Arts showing screenshots of Madden 2006 almost certainly from the Xbox 360 version. We have pictures of development kits. We have an MTV unveiling of 360 planned for next month.

As hype trains go, Microsoft?s for its next home console has gathered quite a head of steam. And what next? Well, a teaser of a teaser, that?s what. Click here to see the trailer for the Elijah Wood-hosted MTV special, which will show the Xbox 360 and its games to the world.

Little of note in the commercial however, except that it strongly reminiscent of the vibe employed by Sony over the past decade or in its PlayStation marketing drive. You will however note the new Xbox font, which, no doubt inspired by J Allard, has been significantly slimmed down.

The full MTV unveiling is now slated for the following times:

North America: Thursday, May 12, at 9:30 p.m. (21:30)
Japan/Asia: Friday, May 13, at 11:30
Europe: France: Friday, May 13, at 19:00
Germany: Friday, May 13, at 19:00
Italy: Friday, May 13, at 23:30
Netherlands: Friday, May 13, at 19:30
Poland: Friday, May 13, at 21:00
Portugal: Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Romania: Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Scandinavia: Friday, May 13, at 22:00
Spain: Friday, May 13, at 21:30
U.K.: Friday, May 13, at 20:00
Australia: Friday, May 13, at 19:00

No worries if you?re not a subscriber. It?s a dead cert that the full show will be captured for Internet dissection ? check SPOnG for a nudge in the right direction in the hours after it shows?


config 22 Apr 2005 12:43
LUPOS 22 Apr 2005 17:16
look out sony... billy gates gets what billy gates wants... its only a matter of time.

not that i support microsofts take over of the entire world... im just saying its inevitable... atleast util someone comes up with soem new thing that make sthem obsolete... but i cant imagien what that thing coudl be... course if i coudl i woudl be rich, so i wont be to hard on myself.
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