Xbox 2 for Macintosh ? Fresh dev kits arrive

Platform developer ready ? GPU issues arise

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Xbox 2 Madden render
Xbox 2 Madden render
SPOnG feels something of an affinity with The Inquirer, being as it is one of the true examples of classic British tabloid journalism making its way online and into the technology sector. And it is within its digital leaf that we find news of Xbox 2 dev kits shipping for the Mac platform.

The report tells of the updated H/SDK units being housed in G5, complete with, ??R500 card inside which means that R500 development is quite advanced. Microsoft's current kit is powered with older Radeon 9800 cards and things will get much faster this time round. Developers have to code on Shader Model 3.0 hardware.?

According to The Inquirer, since verified by development sources, the new dev kits are currently being shipped, replacing initial versions on a rolling basis over the next two months.


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