Revealed: Key XBox 2 Briefing Slated

Exclusive breaking details on looming MS unveiling inside.

Posted by Staff
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Venue building
SPOnG can exclusively reveal this morning that Microsoft is planning to lift the lid on its most sensitive XBox 2 plans next month, with various media and software partners scheduled to attend a keynote briefing in the US.

At the meeting, to be held in Seattle on January 17, Microsoft?s Xbox team will seek to outline its key branding direction, underlining launch plans and what it perceives as its target demographic.

It is expected that some sort of launch line-up will be offered, as well as a breakdown of the next-generation Xbox?s primary unique selling points.

It?s worth bearing in mind that this news, 100% confirmed this morning by a senior source under conditions of anonymity, does throw weight behind the new console seeing daylight on January 5 at the Consumer Electronics Show, where Bill gates is set to make a keynote address. It would make sense to fill in the gaps to close partners within this two week window, or at least it makes more sense than to brief attendees three months bfore a public showing.

Although all attendees will be NDA?d up to their eyeballs, expect a good trickle of information right here in the days following the 17th.


acidviper 6 Dec 2004 22:53
LOL American NDA's are a joke look at the baseball scandal. Those are US Supereme Court Grand Jury testimonies and they are leaked like a greasy turd.

As for the XBOX2. They will give details, but as always they promise a lot and only give a minimum, with it culminating at E3.
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