Eidos Up For Four Baftas

The Bafta Interactive Entertainment Awards 2000 have nominated four titles published by Eidos Interactive.

Posted by Staff
TimeSplitters have been nominated for the Games - Consoles award. TimeSplitters is a launch title for the PlayStation 2 and will be released the 24th November 2000.

Deus Ex have been nominated for the Games - PC award. Deus Ex was a number one hit for Eidos Interactive at it's release in August 2000 and have since received a great amount of critical acclaim.

Thief 2 have been nominated for the Sound award. Thief 2 was released in the Autumn 2000 and the quality of it's sound track combined with great gameplay have already earned it worthy recognition.

Sydney 2000 have been nominated for the Sports award. Sydney 2000 is the official videogame for the Olympic Games held in Australia this year and was released end August 2000.

John Davies, Marketing Director for Eidos Interactive says: "On behalf of our development partners, Eidos are delighted to have received four nominations for BAFTA Interactive Entertainment awards. TimeSplitters from Free Radical design is an exciting game for an exciting new platform. Designed specifically for the PlayStation 2, TimeSplitters is one of the most anticipated titles in a new era of computer gaming. Developed by Looking Glass Studios, Thief II was one of the most critically acclaimed titles of the year. Eidos were delighted to recently announce that, despite the break up of Looking Glass, the Thief franchise will continue with a third release through Ion Storm next year. Ion Storm were also the developers of Deus Ex, our third nominee. Deus Ex received stunning reviews from the specialist press including the accolade of "The best game ever! Better than Quake 3 and Half Life" from PC Format. Sydney 2000, the Official Video Game of the Olympic Games enables armchair sportsmen to take part in the Olympic Games for themselves. Our British team achieved great success in Sydney and the game's developer Attention To Detail have also reached Gold Medal standard with this excellent sports title."


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