Another Stealth Game Sneaks In - Spy Fiction Follows The Book

Screenshots from the upcoming PS2 sneak ‘em up.

Posted by Staff
After the likes of Konami and Ubisoft have proved the potential worth of the stealth-action genre with the MGS and Splinter Cell series, imitators were bound to be spawned. Access Games’ Spy Fiction, to be published by Sammy, is one such title. Shunning innovation, the game throws you into the role of a gadget-equipped spy, doing various inconspicuous, sneaky type things whilst avoiding the attention of guards, security cameras, etc.

Any such game will need to be extremely polished to compete with the big boys in this market, namely James Bond, Solid Snake and Sam Fisher. Therefore Access and Sammy will have their work cut out to get Spy Fiction up to a sufficiently high standard in time for its Playstation 2 release at the end of August.

It would be surprising if Spy Fiction can usurp the current kings of the genre, but maybe, just maybe, it will manage to sneak in and grab a few late summer sales. In the meantime, here are some of the latest screenshots.


Joji 5 Jul 2004 13:00
Looks nice, guess I'd have to try a demo of it. Have to say the stealth genre has kind of been seen and done now, but I'd give them a chance to prove me wrong.

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