World Exclusive: Outrun 2 Console Version to Show Next Week!

Speculation ends game dated inside.

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World Exclusive: Outrun 2 Console Version to Show Next Week!
We can reveal today that Sega will show Outrun 2 for console next week. A carefully orchestrated global unveiling will see the emergence of the oft-rumoured console port of the dazzling Chihiro arcade game from AM2.

High ranking Sega insiders have revealed that the lid will be lifted on Monday or Tuesday in all territories, with an emphasis on hype-building in the run up to next month's E3 in Los Angeles.

We are led to believe that the game will be shown for Xbox. No-one we have spoken to during our months-long investigation mentioned PC or GameCube versions. However, Chihiro is basically a beefed-up Xbox, and the Xbox is essentially a PC. These factors combined with Sammy's expanding interest in the PC market makes a PC version at least a possibility.

The home versions of Outrun 2 will be significantly enhanced versions of the coin-operated original and will include everything from the beloved Chihiro cabinet game, augmented with additional tracks and what was described to us as "...a massive challenge mode. Think of what was put into Crazy Taxi 2 for Dreamcast and you should get the idea."

Although online functions will feature, we were unable to glean much precise information. Feel free to speculate on our behalf.

Sega's fiercely loyal fanbase were concerned about the possibility of a demise in Sega's freedom of expression after Sammy became involved in the company last year. It is likely that Sega's studios will be encouraged to take a much more pragmatic approach to projects from a financial point of view. This might actually be Sega's advantage, and though we may never see Shenmue reach its natural conclusion, we may see a healthier, more robust company emerge.

It is not clear, however, whether Sammy were involved in the decisions surrounding Outrun 2.

As ever, expect all breaking Sega news, right here, before anywhere else.


schnide 28 Apr 2004 14:29
smagic 28 Apr 2004 14:44
Ok thats good but to be honest i'd be alot more pleased if they were to sort us out with the next shenmue. I will be gutted if they don't carry this series on and conclude it.

One of the main reasons i bought an xbox was because it was announced that shenmue 3 was going to be developed for it. Come on sega get it sorted!
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Ben Furfie 29 Apr 2004 10:14
smagic wrote:
>One of the main reasons i bought an xbox was
>because it was announced that shenmue 3 was going
>to be developed for it. Come on sega get it

Same here... but I can understand why they might be reluctant to release another version of the game after all the first two were hardly commericial successes.
What I would be angry about is if they didn't do the next best thing and release it in a book as Halo: First Strike (which has a plot that could have been a video game in itself) which explains what happened. Sure part of the enjoyment where the quirky bits like forklift racing but I know I for one was enthralled by the story and even if it is at the expense of there being no chance of a game rather than the status quo of there probably won't be another game, I would rather have a book that definitively tells me what happened rather than having to forever as the question... 'How did it end?'
Toast 29 Apr 2004 11:10
Hey schnide, my word exactly!

OMG I need XB Live OR2 action nowww! This is awesome news, though I hope they extend the tracks a bit.
Gareth Edwards 29 Apr 2004 11:46
Ben Furfie wrote:
>[the book]
>Halo: First Strike (which has a plot that could
>have been a video game in itself)

Ever played Bungie's old Marathon titles on the Mac?

Playing Halo for the first time was like shooting up ona syringe full of deja vu, and it came as no surprise that the two are part of the same universe.

Play Marathon, an excellent set of narative-led FPS', and you'll find it adds a further dimension to Halo (though does make you feel as though you're retreading previously taken paths).

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