Exclusive: Former Bullfrog Team Working on Syndicate Update

Classic strategy blaster set to return on current platforms Ė full story inside.

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Syndicate, 1990's style
Syndicate, 1990's style
When Bullfrog released Syndicate back in 1994, itís genre-defining mix of shooting and strategy combined with itís revolutionary open-ended play mechanic saw the title elevated immediately to the 16-Bit hall of fame, where is has languished ever since Ė until today.

That's because we can exclusively reveal that a considerable portion of the original Bullfrog team that worked on the classic 1993 Syndicate is re-making the game for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, which is excellent news. The game is being developed here in the UK.

As part of EAís drive to rekindle some of its unused and much-loved intellectual property, Syndicate, along with Desert Strike and several other as yet undisclosed franchises, will be dusted off and receive full home console and PC revivals.

Syndicate will be shown at this yearís E3, due to take place in Los Angeles in May and will be shown in running form, though the prospect of the game being playable is thought to be unlikely. Aside from this, all we were told by our source is that as well as a dedicated single-player mode, a heavy slant will be put on multiplayer gaming. Good stuff!

At present, Syndicate is set for a Q1 2005 release. Weíll keep you updated with any further developments as the year progresses.


ku16610 19 Feb 2004 12:32
Finally after many years they find the tiem to update the amiga classic.

So long as they don`t go the tomb radier root and either keep it fps or third perspective i`m sure ti will be great.
config 19 Feb 2004 14:02
ku16610 wrote:

>Finally after many years they find the tiem to
>update the amiga classic.
>So long as they don`t go the tomb radier root and
>either keep it fps or third perspective i`m sure
>ti will be great.

I loved Syndicate, but Syndicate Wars on PSX was a let-down. I hope that EA/Bullfrog go back to roots and include the strategy/management along with the carnage.

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el rey 19 Feb 2004 19:48
Can I have directions to the 16-bit Hall of Fame?

Finally, some brave souls have created an actual place where we can marvel at every 'revolutionary' and 'genre-defying' game of an era goneby -- all under one roof!!

Please, do tell, do tell.
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Rag Doll Ballett 9 Nov 2008 02:55

I found this article interesting. On the other hand i don't know why there is one starbreeze blog on the web, talking unofficial but looking very exclusive.
Relatively unknown 13 Dec 2008 00:08
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