Nintendo DS Details Explosion - Screen, Battery, GBA Compatibility and More Inside?

Nintendo adds meat to bones of NDS announcement.

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Nintendo DS Details Explosion - Screen, Battery, GBA Compatibility and More Inside…
This morning's Famitsu saw a wealth of detail regarding Nintendo's recently announced NDS handheld console, tackling battery issues, screen questions, GBA compatibility, and more.

First of all, Nintendo has hinted towards the fact that the DS may well be compatible with the Game Boy Advance range. Nintendo's press office states, "as of this time, compatibility with GBA is undecided." This is massive news and sees the already quirky machine fill a strange gap in Nintendo's somewhat chaotic portable gaming strategy.

Nintendo confirmed that the LCD screens employed will be different to those in use in current Game Boy Advance units, perhaps hinting at a high-end, back-lit approach.

Unsurprisingly, the battery will be rechargeable, though the technology planned was not announced. Expect either lithium ion or lithium polymer units, probably supplied by Panasonic.

Interestingly, Nintendo seems to be pointing towards Flash Card media for its games rather than traditional cartridges, as was expected. Nintendo describes the storage devices as "thinner memory units." Perhaps this points towards a generic storage unit, possibly able to hold other media, including music, movies and pictures, though this will inevitably lead to piracy and pricing fears. Very interesting indeed. Nintendo states that it can make its new media for around the same price as current DVD-housed games. Perhaps the DS, as hinted at by many, will share more in common with the China-only iQue than previously thought?

In terms of software, Nintendo stated that several games will be shown at this May's E3, not least more than one title from Shigeru Miyamoto. Will the DS launch with an original Mario game? Feel the excitement!

Other possible E3 announcements include pricing - which will either be made at the conference or, according to Famitsu, later in the year - and wireless functionality, believed by most to be included with DS.

No mention was made of any possible camera usage.

Amazing news indeed. We'll bring you everything on the Nintendo DS right here, as it breaks.


Luke Demi 29 Jan 2004 13:24
Beautiful!! If this thing is compatable with GBA games, and it's cheap, it's mine!! I seriously like the fact that the two screens can be used as one, this means that the game doesnt HAVE to be a 2 screened game, great for developers... Great for a game like Madden where you need a longer screen....
tyrion 29 Jan 2004 13:55
Article suggests a Shigeru Miyamoto game for NDS, could we see a portable Pikmin?

If so, one will be mine!
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