Nintendo Re-thinks Pokemon Appeal

Day one shipping numbers slashed.

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Nintendo Re-thinks Pokemon Appeal
It would seem that Nintendo is anticipating slower than expected sales for the Game Boy Advance re-makes of Pokemon Red and Green, shipping a mere 500,000 units for day one Japanese launch, a much lower number than was expected.

Although the last outings, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, shifted around a million copies in their first day on sale, it is thought that as Leaf Green and Fire Red are re-makes, they wonít have the mass appeal of others in the mega-selling series.

Both versions (in Japan at least) will be bundled with the GBA Wireless Adapter, the first time the unit has gone on general release, so massive sales of both games were anticipated in the gadget-obsessed country. Perhaps itís a publicity stunt, or maybe limited Wireless Adapter numbers are to blame - who knows?

Expect Fire Red and Leaf Green western release updates in the coming weeks.


DoctorDee 20 Jan 2004 10:49
I love Pikachu, and Poochyena, and Raticate, and Ungeller, and Rachel Geller (nee Green), and Sarah Michelle Geller, and Michelle Gun Elephant.
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