CSK expected to fight Sammy merger

Sega deal expected to bring cash fight from major stakeholder.

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CSK expected to fight Sammy merger
It is expected that CSK, the firm that currently owns a whopping 22.4% of Sega Enterprises, is expected to drag its heels over the planned merger between Sega and Sammy, in the quest for a better deal for its $850 million investment.

Speculation has emerged this morning that, following the Wall Street Journal reporting that Microsoft and Electronic Arts were mulling over bids for the Sonic creator, CSK will hold out for such a deal, without question the healthier financial option. CSK president Masahiro Aozono, a notoriously aggressive and successful player in the competitive Japanese systems sector, is widely expected to play a hand of delay tactics in the coming months.

Reports are also emerging that CSK is in talks with Electronic Arts over a possible sale of CSK’s 22.4% share of Sega.

We’re sure it will all be very interesting, so stay tuned for updates as they break.


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