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Animal Crossing never to make Europe.

Posted by Staff
Speaking to Nintendo execs recently, one sad, sorry and hugely dishonourable fact has come to light. Animal Crossing, the seminal, joyous life sim from Miyamoto, will never see the light of day in Europe.

Issues with localisation, combined with an untested game mechanic, and the fact that the next in the series is well underway, has extinguished this dull flicker of hope that burned within us.

This said, Nintendo insiders hint that Animal Crossing 2 will be well worth the wait. One told us, “Animal Crossing 2 will become the new way of communicating for the console generation. It will see a happiness-themed community of friends the likes of which have never been imagined.”

As Nintendo sets out its online store for Europe, complete with fresh appointments, some serious hand-forcing of our continent’s notoriously slack ISPs, one thing is for certain. Animal Crossing 2 is the GameCube’s online trump card.

So it all turned out nice in the end, then. It’s just a shame that we won’t get to practice on our own.


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