Nintendo Japan reveals devastating release schedule

Full power gaming from Pokemon-powered Kyoto firm

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Nintendo of Japan has shown one of the strongest release line-ups in gaming history for both GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Operating on full-steam, the firm issued a statement saying that it is now entering the second phase of development for GameCube, and expects that its technical delivery time, across the board will be shortened. This has enabled Nintendo to announce a string of vital franchise releases, an unusual step for the firm famed for drip-feeding information.

The list is as follows:


Nintendo Puzzle Collection (bundled with GBA connection cable) 02/07/2003
Metroid Prime 02/28/03
Giftpia 04/2003
F-Zero GC (tentative name) May 2003
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Spring 2003
Wario World GC (tentative name) Fall 2003
Kirby's Airland (tentative name) Fall 2003
Mario Golf GC (tentative name) Fall 2003
Mario Tennis GC (tentative name) Next winter
1080: White Storm (tentative name) Next winter
Star Fox (tentative name) TBD
Mario Kart GC (tentative name) TBD
Pikmin 2 (tentative name) TBD
Animal Crossing 2 (tentative name) TBD

Game Boy Advance

Metroid Fusion 02/14/2003
Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Gods and the Four Swords March 2003
Game Boy Gallery 4 (tentative name) TBD
Game Boy Music (tentative name) pocket speaker, stereo mini cable TBD
Lunar Brace (tentative name) TBD
Mario Golf GBA (tentative name) TBD
Mario Tennis GBA (tentative name) TBD

Of these titles, 1080, Final Fantasy, Kirby, Animal Crossing 2, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime, Pikmin 2, Wario World, F-Zero are all absolutely vital releases, all solid-gold AAA games.

The GameCube is about to enter the first phase of its life cycle when it really matters. It will have optimised code, delivered by experienced development teams, and be on sale together with a massive array of top-end games. And it will be bundled with a Wave Bird Wireless Controller. But you didn't hear that from us.

Stay tuned for all things GameCube, as they break.


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