GameCube poised to make online leap Stateside

Modem and broadband adapter ready to roll.

Posted by Staff
GameCube poised to make online leap Stateside
Nintendo of America has revealed that it expects to begin shipping the GameCube modem and broadband adapter this week, although the firmís wider online strategy remains a mystery.

Powered by online-ambivalent Sega, the units, a 56K modem and a broadband adapter, will support Yuji Nakaís epic online RPG Phantasy Star Online Versions 1 and 2.

Itís well documented that Sega literally dragged the GameCube online kicking and screaming. Whilst Miyamoto and Iwata asserted that the market is not strong enough to support dedicated online console play, Sega remained adamant that there is market support for certain games, irrespective of broadband penetration.

Weíll have to wait and see. Expect to see the European roll-out of both PSO and the online Nintendo components in quarter one or two of next year.


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