Sledgehammer Call of Duty Naming Dated

Announcement comes in regarding announcement

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An image for the new Call of Duty? You betcha! Sledgehammer has been toiling away on its 2014 incarnation of Activision's Call of Duty property since before the launch of Call of Duty Ghosts in November 2013.

We all know the new going to release in November, a clear month after Bungie's Destiny September launch. But before that, there's going to be the unveiling of the name.

Yup, GameInformer is the lucky title to have stumped enough... interest to carry the PR, sorry, the news:

"This Sunday at 12:00 PM Central time (10:00 AM Pacific) we will reveal the cover image and the first details on the game including the name, so please come back this weekend to see the cover and the game in action for the first time."

So, that's 6pm in the UK.


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