Details Leak: Mirror's Edge 2

A release date has been signalled for the other game with a female lead.

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Details Leak: Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2 is - as we saw at E3 2013 - coming sometime in the future (see the video below). Yes, the other with a female lead worth a shout* could be seeing the open-world light of day in 2016.

According to leaked documents, "courtesy of verified sources", Target platforms are Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac" but there is more info in the those pages.

Rocketchainsaw reports that the game is a 'reboot' and that:

? (The) core goal of the reboot is to create an open world, living breathing city for you to explore.

? Part of this open world environment includes a persistent, ?always online? component. The open world is considered a multiplayer ?playground? where other plays can drop-in/drop-out seamlessly, freely choosing their level of interaction with other players and the game world. A comparison to Journey?s online feature was given as the closest example.

The best news is, however, that despite tweaks to combat, "DICE does not consider Mirror?s Edge 2 as a brawler, but instead a racing game at heart. For the development team, the focus is on creating a game all about parkour: speed, fluidity, and mastery of your environment. Even these changes to the combat system are being done to prevent issues with Mirror?s Edge where players would have a stretch of parkour with intermittent pace breaking stops to fight an opponent. DICE wishes to seamlessly integrate encounters and the combat system into the feeling of speed and parkour mastery, so players even while fighting are still on the move, making progress, and interacting with their environment."

* OK, maybe there are more than two. Can you name them?


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