Twitch Plays Pokémon was 'Proof of Concept'

Shame, we thought Twitch Plays Pokémon was a spontaneous human expression.

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Twitch Plays Pokémon was 'Proof of Concept'
The recent marvellous piece of spontaneous human interaction/brilliant marketing ploy 'Twitch Plays Pokémon' event has lead the game broadcasting service to think even bigger.

Stating the bleeding obvious, Matthew DiPietro, VP of marketing at Twitch said, “It has delivered a huge and sustained audience for days on end and captivated the attention of the entire Twitch community." But then you could almost see the lightbulb going 'Ping!"...

MCV reports him saying, "It has also made us all think deeply about creative social experiments that can be done on Twitch. This is one of the most interesting things we've seen on Twitch since we launched, and we hope to see more experiments like it.”

Marketing experience... not Social Experiment, but on we go:

He was also asked about Twitch becoming a gaming platform in its own right? “You never know. Twitch Plays Pokémon is an interesting proof-of-concept though. We encourage everyone to think about new ways to leverage Twitch’s platform and community for creative gaming endeavours."

A proof of concept appears to suggest that Twitch itself was directly responsible for Twitch Plays Pokémon rather than it being a spontaneous mass event as was previously suggested. Never mind.

He finished, “This is unique in the history of Twitch. And when you consider how game developers might capitalise on features and functionality like this, the sky is the limit.”

Source: MCV


Anonymous 28 Feb 2014 11:41
Wow, what a ridiculous article. He's saying it's a proof of the concept of how a system like Twitch can be used to make games interactive. It's not a marketing experiment - the person running the stream is totally independent of twitch staff. Some actual research might have helped here.
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