New GBA Final Fantasy Tactics detail emerge. Plus: first Square mention of Xbox inside!

How much Final Fantasy do you want? A lot more, and more, and more…

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In a recent interview with Famitsu, Final Fantasy Tactics producer Yasumi Matsuno revealed some details on how the Game Boy Advance remake will differ from the PlayStation original.

When asked on how the new version will be optimised to take full advantage of the Game Boy Advance, Matsuno said, "We're still planning to use the PlayStation version as a base, but the game will be somewhat rearranged on the Game Boy Advance. Elements of the gameplay system such as the frequency of battles will be changed due to the nature of handheld play. An interrupt system, for example, will be added so players can save during short play sessions. The hardware specifications of the Game Boy Advance prohibit us from doing the kind of sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics players deserve. So this project is more of a re-envisioning of the original."

Moving on to talk about the future of the main Final Fantasy series, Matsuno said, “My main project right now is producing Final Fantasy XII. It will be released for the PlayStation 2, but I can't say much about it yet [laughs..]. Development began last fall, most of the team members were working on the PlayOnline service at that time. Speaking of which, Final Fantasy XI is a very interesting game, I hope players enjoy it next month. As for Final Fantasy XII, it's scheduled for release in fiscal 2003.”

He continued, “Our focus in the console market is the PlayStation 2, but we plan to support the WonderSwan Color and GameBoy Advance handhelds. In my personal opinion, I'm interested in exploring other platforms. Naturally, I want to continue developing software for the PS2, but also for the GameCube and Xbox. I'm particularly interested in the link-up capabilities between the GameBoy Advance and GameCube. I'd like to develop a completely new game that utilises those functions.”

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