Activision Explains Lower CoD: Ghosts Wholesale Price

But did you end up paying less?

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Activision Explains Lower CoD: Ghosts Wholesale Price
Activision has been speaking to investors and analysts this week in the wake of it's October 11th split from Vivendi and its latest quarter finanacials. One rather interesting point was hidden away in Dennis Durkin the Chief Financial Officer's opening remarks.

Basically it concerns the fact that you might have expected to pay less for your copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts if the 'market' was behaving as it could.

Says Durkin, "Today, we announced that we had shipped into retail more than $1 billion of Call of Duty: Ghosts globally on day 1 based on an average wholesale price. As expected, due to the console transition and digital distribution, this number is down versus last year.

"This year, the sell-through curve will be different than in past years due to the multiple launches of new hardware later in the month and more days between our launch and the high-volume Black Friday at the end of the month. That said, it's a very solid achievement and shows the tremendous confidence our retail partners have and the strength of the game and franchise heading into this holiday."

Source: SeekingAlpha


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