Simply Games not Backing Down on PS4 Problem

"most customers were pleased to be paying more" for PS4 pre-orders

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Simply Games not Backing Down on PS4 Problem
Quick catch-up: SimplyGames, a UK retailer, wrote to people who had pre-ordered PS4s telling them that they had to up their spend (background here). That caused a fire of discontent that today SimplyGames's boss has poured petrol on.

Company director Neil Muspratt has stated that, "The vast majority of customers have understood what is going on and have updated their order" but there is more:

According to CVG, "that most customers were pleased to be paying more, and that "it's just commentators who have stirred it up"".

Muspratt stated that his company is not going to be changing course and that, "We have no stock left. All of our day one allocation is sold, and our offer was manifested by how the distributor has allocated their stock to us, so we're not changing tack."

Strangely, Sony denied having anything to do with it yesterday.

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ergo 8 Oct 2013 22:20
At least Spong is no longer referring to it as a "scandal"...
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