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Monkey Ball, Phantasy Star and Crazy Taxi confirmed for GBA!

Posted by Staff
Joyful Sega news for Today
Sega of Japan has announced that it will be bringing the phenomenal trio of Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi and Phantasy Star Collection to the Game Boy Advance.

Phantasy Star Collection will contain the three Phantasy Star games previously released on the Master System and MegaDrive.

It is also likely that Super Monkey Ball will make use of the Game Boy Advance motion sensor device within its cartridge, as was debuted on Kirby?s Tilt ?n? Tumble last year.

Crazy Taxi will be a Mode 7 remake of the arcade original.

Due out at the beginning of next year, with hopefully a sneak-preview at E3, it is likely that THQ will publish all three.

Sega classics for the GBA? What more could you want?


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