SEGA Could Bring PC Franchises to Next-Gen Consoles

If they are sales successes, of course.

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SEGA Could Bring PC Franchises to Next-Gen Consoles
SEGA has said that it is considering bringing its PC strategy titles onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, if the next-generation consoles end up selling well.

Jurgen Post, head of SEGA West (which covers Europe and the US), told MCV in its latest hardcopy issue that "if next gen consoles become as successful as people say we can look to move some of our big properties on PC over to those machines."

At present, SEGA owns a few strategy IPs that have traditionally found an exclusive home on PC - Total War, Company of Heroes and Football Manager, along with a recently-acquired Warhammer license.

If we were betting men, Total War would perhaps have the best chance of seeing a console conversion, given that Creative Assembly has flirted with iOS devices for its Total War Battles spinoff. Having said that, Football Manager also saw a brief experimental release on Xbox 360 some years ago.

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gillet22 21 Jun 2013 23:46
this would be unreal already preordered my ps4 and love coh and total war but my pc is too weak to play the newer versions.

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