Transformers Universe Gets The Calcium Kid Treatment

Film writer and director takes new position at Jagex.

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Transformers Universe Gets The Calcium Kid Treatment
Jagex has announced the appointment of a brand new creative director to work on its Transformers Universe MMO. Interestingly, the position has gone to Alex de Rakoff, film director and recently-turned games writer.

You might know de Rakoff's name from The Calcium Kid, a film he wrote and directed starring Orlando Bloom. He was also behind the UK gangster movie Dead Man Running, which featured Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson of Blood on the Sand fame. Before moving to Jagex, he wrote and directed the story for Need for Speed: The Run.

That entry into the games industry has led to him working with Jagex for the last nine months. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that it's been eerily announced on the same day that BioShock creator Ken Levine was confirmed to be writing a remake of Logan's Run. A film director turns to games, and a games director turns to films. What a world.


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